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Specialty Oils Type Temperature 
Range (°C)
Color Performance Applications
DELICATE MACHINERY OIL 113 White Mineral Oil -10 to 100 Water White Rust inhibitor, smoothness of operation on machinery Light and delicate machine oil - circular knitting machines - needles, slides and cams
SYNTHETIC OIL 176H PAO -30 to 125 Light Yellow Fortified with antiwear additives Heavy chain oil - various chains & slides using areas such as drying, finishing and printing


Specialty Greases Type Temperature 
Range (°C)
Color Performance Applications
NYOGEL 774 PAO/Silica -30 to 120 Tan to light brown Dampening grease, noise and vibration reduction Rings, open end spinning, and chain applications in knitting machines
NYOGEL 774F-1 PAO/Silica -50 to 120 Off-white Enhanced lubricity, PTFE fortified Knitting pneumatic cylinders
RHEOLUBE 362HB PAO/ Lithium Soap -40 to 125 Off-white PTFE fortified, tackifier, rust inhibitor, improved adherence Cams, sliding surfaces, small gear trains, mechanical linkages of switch gears
RHEOLUBE 716L Polyolester / Lithium Soap -54 to 150 Tan Rust inhibited, wide temperature range, quiet operation, ideal for low torque applications High speed bearings u2013 various motors, opening rollers, rotor turbine
UNIFLOR 4622R PFPE/PTFE -20 to 260 White Rust inhibited, wide temperature range, excellent plastic compatibility, resistance to aggressive chemicals Stenter chain bearing, tenter frame chains, slides and rails and hot tube gear drive in high-tenacity filament quenching process