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The number of electrical connectors and electronic circuits in devices such as cars, planes, appliances, industrial machinery, trucks or boats is continuously growing. Failure of these components, from short circuit to continuity loss, present a major concern as issues can vary from nuisance to increased warranty costs to critical safety problems. The constant exposure to moisture, corrosive environments, and vibration can also accelerate the failure or malfunction of connector components.

A small layer of a dielectric grease, such as our NyoGel® 760G, can protect contacts against harsh environmental and operating conditions to reduce failure and extend the reliability of your contacts.

Here are some of the advantages of using a dielectric grease:

Provides an Environmental Seal

Contrary to popular belief, grease does not attract dust and dirt. In fact, grease creates a barrier on the electrical contact surface to protect against dirt, dust, moisture and aggressive chemicals. NyoGel® 760G has only 2% water washout and is resistant to salt spray, making it ideal for marine and outdoor applications. This barrier also protects the connectors from substrate corrosion.

Prevents Fretting Wear

Fretting wear is a result of very small relative motion caused by thermal expansion and contraction or vibrations from nearby motion. Even small vibrations such as those from fans, motors, or even closing cabinet doors can cause fretting corrosion. These motions can continually expose metal surfaces to oxidation.

A thin layer of lubricant minimizes metal-to-metal contact during vibration, protecting the connector from metal wear, as well as reducing the amount of oxygen getting to the surfaces. Below, you can see the difference in fretting wear between an unlubricated contact and a contact lubricated with NyoGel® 760G:

Reduces Insertion Force

Without lubrication, high insertion force can be required to mate connectors. This causes ergonomic issues for those working on assembly lines and increases wear on connectors. A thin layer of NyoGel® can reduce mating force by 50 percent. For electronic connectors with dozens or even hundreds of pins, or for automotive connectors that are in hard-to-reach places, a low insertion force makes assembly more efficient and ensures solid connections.

Easy Application

Connectors are everywhere, and they’re not always easy to access. NyoGel® 760G is offered in 110-pound kegs, 7-pound pails, 30cc syringes, and 100-gram tubes to suit different dispersing needs.

Whether it’s used in boats, drills, busses, or cars, NyoGel®760G is designed to protect your contacts from corrosion and wear to ensure that your connections are reliable and long-lasting.

Want to learn more? Click here to download the NyoGel® 760G Product Overview.

Kevin Akin - Director of Product Management

Kevin Akin has worked at Nye for 17 years in a variety of positions including Application Engineering Manager, Director of Technical Support and Engineering, and now Director of Product Management. Kevin acts as a conduit between the outside sales staff, customers, and the internal production and development teams to ensure that our customers are served to the best of our ability. Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration, both from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.