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Product Insight: Secure Your Struts

The winter months bring a multitude of changes for drivers in northern climates. As temperatures drop, the number of potholes in roadways rises. Whether it’s from freezing water in asphalt cracks, or snow plow abuse, emerging potholes can be more than just an annoyance for drivers.

As they become harder and harder to avoid in the roadways, we all know far too well that cringe feeling right before and while hitting a pothole. The majority of the impact of a pothole strike is transferred to and absorbed by the vehicle’s suspension system, particularly the ball joints and struts. The survival of these key suspension components is dependent on the lubricant selection to ensure trouble-free operation even beyond the warranty period. 


Minimizing the day to day wear and tear on these components ensures that they’ll be able to perform when even the worst pothole strikes. Nye’s Fluorocarbon Gel 880 is the go-to lubricant to protect these key suspension components. From upper strut isolators, to ball joints, Fluorocarbon Gel 880 works in unison with these components to provide miles and miles of trouble-free, noise-free operation.


Fluorocarbon Gel 880 is a silicone grease that has great compatibility with elastomers and does not wash out when exposed to water. This creates a strong barrier that keeps out water, road salt, dirt and debris, which can infiltrate into these components and accelerate wear. Fluorocarbon Gel 880 also has a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 200°C which ensures proper operation and protection of these suspension components in all climates.


Considering a lubricant in the design of your vehicle can prevent costly warranty returns, protect your drivers, and improve your company’s standing as a reliable automotive provider.

Click here to download our Application Over for Automotive Struts/Shocks.