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Technology is always changing, and so are our lubricants. At Nye, our Research and Development team is hard at work developing the latest lubrication technology to meet the needs of emerging technologies and improve lubricants for existing applications. One of our most recent developments is an advanced silicone motion control (damping) grease designed to control free motion in camera equipment and a wide range of other mechanical devices.

Camera equipment such as jibs, shoulder rigs, sliders, fluid heads and tripods require advanced motion control to ensure ultra-smooth movement as camera resolution increases from 4K to 8K and beyond. For 50 years, designers and manufacturers have used damping greases as an economical way to build fine tolerances into products such as these. Silicone greases are often recommended for camera applications because they do not swell most plastics or elastomers.

Nye has spent considerable time developing advanced testing techniques, particularly in the field of Rheometry - the study of the flow and deformation of matter which describes the interrelation between force, deformation, and time. Using advanced formulation technology and sophisticated rheology testing, Nye developed Fluorocarbon Gel 891-V1, the first in a series of advanced motion control gels with customizable rheological properties. Using our technology, we can create stable silicone greases that are soft yet maintain their structure for consistent, lifetime motion control. Fluorocarbon Gel 891-V1 is an exceptionally stable grease with zero oil separation despite a low yield stress.  With low starting (break-away) torque and no “backlash”, this silicone-based motion control gel addresses many of the issues faced by both engineers designing camera rigs and operators using them in the field. Fluorocarbon Gel 891-V1 can also be used to refurbish or repair older camera components that require service.

Additionally, our researchers developed Fluorocarbon Gel 891-V1 in such a way that its properties remain unaffected by exposure to extreme temperatures and harsh environmental conditions including high humidity. This is an attractive solution for crews working on long outdoor shoots in a variety of climates from the Arctic to Death Valley. Our technology has allowed us to create low-evaporation silicone greases that maintain similar viscosity, and therefore damping, over a wide temperature range, allowing the same precise positioning in -40°C as they would have in 70°C.

Nye’s new customizable silicone technology has enabled us to create greases that retain superior long-term damping properties over a wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions, enhancing the functionality and longevity of your component.

John Doherty – Senior Product Development Engineer

John Doherty, a Senior Product Development Engineer at Nye Lubricants. John has been with Nye for over 15 years and now works on developing and commercializing new products, evaluating and characterizing raw materials, creating and validating test methods, and supporting new and existing customers. Additionally, John specializes in the rheological characterization of non-Newtonian viscoelastic specialty lubricants, sealants, and motion control gels. John holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.