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At Nye, we like to say that bearings make the world go around.  Whether they are miniature bearings in computer fans or rolling element bearings in satellite reaction wheels, these fundamental mechanical components allow applications to carry loads and move adjacent components so that they can carry out critical tasks and functions. Typically, bearings roll or slide in applications which creates friction and wear between connecting surfaces. That’s where we come in.

Lubricants provide an oil that generates a separating film between contacts to prevent metal-to-metal contact between the rolling elements, raceways, and cages of a bearing. This film provides a seal to protect against dirt and contaminants, oxidation, and corrosion. Because lubricants protect against corrosion, the life of rolling element bearings heavily depends on the lubricant that is used. If you want to give your bearing the best shot at success, a lubricant must be carefully considered to ensure that it is compatible with your application. The best way to ensure compatibility is through lubricant testing.

SKF Grease Test Rig ROF+

At Nye, we have invested significant research and development efforts into formulating synthetic lubricants for bearing applications. Our SKF Grease Test Rig ROF+ is one tool that we use to evaluate the efficacy and life of our lubricants. This high temperature and high-speed bearing test rig enables Nye engineers to evaluate the performance of our lubricants in an applied tribological manner. Using this rig, Nye engineers are able to gain a better understanding of the capability of our lubricants under various bearing performance conditions such as speed, temperature, and load.

SKF Grease Test Rig ROF+ uses a methodology developed by SKF. With the capabilities of the ROF+ we will be able to test lubricating greases at speeds up to 25,000 RPM (1,200,000 ndm), temperatures up to 230⁰C, radial loads of 50-900N, and axial loads of 100-1,000N. The standard bearing is a 6204 deep groove ball bearing, but other geometries like spherical roller bearings or angular contact ball bearings can be utilized.  Using data gathered from these tests, our research and development team have been able to formulate specialized greases to optimize bearing performance.

The reliability of lubricant life in bearings takes on a new importance when it comes to aerospace applications. Once a satellite is up in space, there is no opportunity to replace a bearing if it fails. This means that manufacturers need to be positive before launching their satellite that all their design components can operate in an extreme space environment. In effort to develop next generation aerospace bearing lubricants, Nye is nearing completion on our Vacuum Bearing Tribometer.


Vacuum Bearing Tribometer

The Vacuum Bearing Tribometer is a test rig that is designed to rotate an angular contact bearing at 600 rpm, under an axial load of 20 lbs, at an operating temperature of up to 200°C, under high vacuum conditions. This rig quantifies lubricant life by monitoring the electrical resistance, and thus fluid film thickness across the bearing’s races and will be key in the formulation and performance quantification of Nye’s aerospace, semiconductor, and in-vacuum lubricants. Like the ROF+ bearing tester, this new rig can be set up to run non-standard parameters, with the ability to vary speed, load, and temperature, according to the customer’s exact needs. After testing, further analysis can be performed to examine bearing race surface condition, using our 3D Profilometry and Scanning Electron Microscopy analysis capabilities. 

Just as bearings are essential to moving components, lubricants are essential in preventing wear and prolonging bearing life. If you consider bearings to be a critical design component, why not think of lubricants the same way? By lubricating your bearings, you are protecting them from oxidation, corrosion, and contamination all of which increases your applications’ reliability.


Kevin McBarron – Senior Applications & Test Design Engineer 

Kevin McBarron, a Senior Applications and Test Design Engineer at Nye Lubricants. Kevin has worked at Nye for the last four years where he started in Product Support and is now one of the senior engineers in our Application Development Validation Testing Lab. Kevin completed the mechanical design of the EPS Test Rig and assisted with its programming. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a master’s degree in Science and Mechanical Engineering both from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

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