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Your grease may be able to beat the heat, but can it cheat the chill? For decades, automotive OEMs have set specifications that require lubricant manufacturers to provide greases that perform at -40°C. This is no longer the case. Many Nye customers say they need a grease that will remain fully operational far below this previously set benchmark.

Low Temps, High-Risk

When temperatures drop, grease becomes stiff as its base oil approaches its pour point, the lowest temperature an oil can reach before it loses its ability to flow. Once temperatures drop below the pour point, it becomes much harder for your grease to effectively flow to where it needs to go. This can be especially problematic in enclosed locations like gear boxes where grease cannot be reapplied and must be able to continuously lubricate components for the entire lifetime of the application. When grease becomes stiff within rolling element bearings, high resistance leads to skidding which damages the bearing[i]. Low temperatures can also result in high startup torque which can lead to motor damage.

Rheolube® 462

To ensure reliable low-temperature operation, Nye formulated Rheolube® 462. This lithium soap thickened PAO grease was designed to perform at extremely low temperatures while providing superior wear protection. Rheolube® 462 extends the temperature range requirements previously set by OEMs with a wide operational temperature range of -54 to 130°C. This grease is compatible with most plastic and elastomers which makes it suitable for plastic-on-plastic or plastic-on-metal applications.

Oftentimes when lubricant manufacturers formulate low temperature greases they compromise other chemical and mechanical properties such as copper corrosion and wear prevention. Our unique formula allows us to maintain low temperature operation while still maintaining superior copper corrosion, oxidation resistance, load-carrying ability, and anti-wear performance. These benefits make it ideal for use in a variety of automotive applications including gear shift actuators, seating systems, steering column systems and more.

With almost every application, it’s not about selecting a grease but about selecting the right grease. When it comes to low-temperature applications select the grease that can handle extreme temperatures and offer superior wear protection.

Click here to download the Rheolube® 462 Product Overview.



Joe Brooks – Director of Global Business Development

Joe has been with Nye for 17 years and serves as our Director of Global Business Development, helping coordinate strategic efforts across our worldwide network of Channel Partners. Joe holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and an MBA from Boston University.