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Want to bike faster, longer, and with less effort? E-bikes use a battery-powered assist to give cyclists the extra push they need to reach higher speeds with less effort. This $77.1 million industry is on the rise. In fact, last year the Netherlands sold more e-bikes to consumers than their non-motorized counterparts.

E-bike sales may be on the rise, but they face unique design challenges that may limit innovation if not addressed. More powerful e-bikes require complex motor designs, leading many automotive component manufacturers to venture into the sports and recreation market to manufacture these applications. One automotive manufacturer approached Nye regarding a problem they were having with their e-bike assist power drive motor.


Modern gearbox designs, like those found in e-bike motors, often require high power transfer with minimal noise and heat generation. During initial testing, the customer experienced problems with the electric motor generating temperatures exceeding 140°C. This customer needed a lubricant for the planetary and rotary motor gears that would lower temperatures to extend product life and ensure safety.

The Nye Solution

Nye sent a sample of our Instrument Grease 794A to the customer for testing. This clay-thickened, medium viscosity, ester-blend grease creates a barrier between gears to reduce the friction that generates high motor temperatures. The grease has excellent wide temperature performance of -20 to 150°C which keeps the grease from oxidizing or evaporating during operation. Additionally, the grease is water resistant and can handle harsh environmental conditions and high loads. These are all important factors to consider when selecting a lubricant that will be used in applications exposed to the elements.

Mission Accomplished

When tested against competitor lubricants, Instrument Grease 794A proved superior in all areas including durability and life-cycle requirements and was chosen to lubricate the gears in their e-bike assist mechanism. When properly selected, lubricants can reduce temperatures to extend product life.

Ed Dykema – Regional Engineering Manager

Ed has been with Nye for four years as one of our Regional Engineering Managers working out of our office in Troy, Michigan. Ed is an integral member of our team finding lubrication solutions for customers in all of our key markets including automotive, aerospace, power and utility, and consumer electronics markets. Prior to Nye, Ed has over 20 years of experience working as a Tier 1 automotive supplier in a variety of roles including Senior Design Engineer, Engineering Manager, and Program Manager. Ed holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lawrence Technological University.