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Nye has provided solutions to aerospace engineers for the last 60 years, including those working on air defense applications. In that time, several of our lubricants have been added to the Military Qualified Product List (QPL). This list, established by the Defense Logistics Agency, includes all products that meet military specification requirements. The QPL is especially helpful to government contractors who need to ensure that their products are up to military performance standards.

Nye offers Mil-Spec greases for a variety of components including extreme-temperature jet actuators, cargo aircraft landing gear, aircraft controls, precision bearings, and more. 

MIL-PRF-32014ANye has eight products that have been added to the QPL, which cover four different military specifications:

Nye ProductRheolube® 374A

This specialized grease was formulated to lubricate and significantly reduce wear of landing gear trunnion pins under high-impact loads. This lithium soap thickened, PAO grease ensures reliable operation of the landing gear over a wide temperature range of -54 to 177°C. In addition to landing gears, Rheolube® 374A also offers excellent corrosion protection and good water resistance to high-speed aircraft and missile system bearings.

MIL-PRF-27617F-Type III 

Nye Product: Uniflor™ 8172MT

This PTFE thickened PFPE grease is the latest Nye product to be added to the QPL. Uniflor™ 8172MT has been approved for aircraft and aircraft instruments as the grease is resistant to fuel and oxidizers. Additionally, this grease has excellent plastic and elastomer capability and has a very wide service temperature range of -45 to 225°C.

MIL-PRF-27617F-Type IV

Nye Product: Uniflor™ 8961MT

This grease is similar to Uniflor™ 8172MT, having also been approved for aircraft and aircraft instruments because of its resistance to fuel and oxidizers. This grease has excellent high and low temperature performance with a recommended service temperature of -80 to 200°C.


Nye Product: Nye Synthetic Oils 132, 182, 176A, 186, and 179A

Nye has several PAO oils approved for use in precision rolling element bearings, inertial guidance gyros, and accelerometers.

Greases so Great, They’re Military Approved

In addition to the benefits already offered by our Mil-Spec lubricants, these lubricants can also be customized with rust inhibitors, antioxidants, fortifiers, and other additives to enhance performance or extend service life and meet your application requirements. We hope to continue to add to the QPL list in the future to work with design engineers in the private, government, and military sectors to provide new synthetic lubricants that will take off with next-generation aircraft and spacecraft.

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Bill O’Hearn – Regional and Military Engineering Manager

Bill has been with Nye for 18 years and now interfaces with customers in the Northeast United States as well as with many of our defense and aerospace customers. Bill previously served as Nye’s Aerospace Industry Manager and has also worked closely with customers in our industrial, medical, and aerospace markets to assist them in finding the right lubrication solution for their application. Bill holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Marketing from the University of Massachusetts Lowell.