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Going to Galaxies Far, Far Away

Space exploration is fueled by our desire to understand the unknown and learn more about Earth as it relates to the universe. What is out there? What can it tell us? Spacecraft have enabled scientists to gain critical insight into the workings of outer space. But to push the envelope and learn more about the great unknown, spacecraft will have to go deeper into space on longer missions.

Every mechanism on a spacecraft contributes to the overall success of a mission. If one mechanism fails, years of hard work could be sacrificed as the ability to service or replace mechanisms during extended voyages is often difficult, if not impossible. To enable longer missions and ensure mission success, design engineers will need to carefully consider the expected life and reliability of their mechanisms. To support this, Nye developed a new ultra-high-vacuum PFPE grease, NyeTorr® 6350EL, to address these challenges.

Lubricants that are Ready for Takeoff

NyeTorr® 6350EL was designed to increase the durability, functionality and reliability of any rolling or sliding space mechanism with an overall goal of prolonging mechanism life and exceeding mission requirements. NyeTorr® 6350EL has shown more than a 12x improvement in the life of rolling element bearings over traditional vacuum lubricants and demonstrates less than half the mass loss when compared with any other available PFPE greases on the market. In addition, this grease can also reduce friction and wear, ensure extremely low outgassing, increase load-carrying capabilities, and provide excellent corrosion protection.

To support this grease, Nye also developed an accompanying oil, NyeTorr® 6351. This oil is designed for high vacuum applications and has very low outgassing properties. NyeTorr® 6351 was formulated to work with NyeTorr® 6350EL as the companion base oil which can be used to lubricate small precision mechanisms on its own or impregnated into bearings before lubrication with NyeTorr® 6350EL to provide the greatest life and durability.

Better Lubricants Ensure Mission Success

To explore the unknown, Aerospace engineers need mechanisms that will operate reliably in the extreme environment of outer space. So, whether you’re looking to lubricate a precision bearing, gear, actuator, ball screw, or lead screw, Nye can help to ensure that your lubricant is durable and prepared for the long journey ahead.

Dr. Jason Galary – Director of Research, Development, and Innovation

Jason has worked at Nye for 15 years in a variety of management roles including those in technical support, engineering and application development, applied science and tribology, and Asian business development. Now serving as the Director of Research, Development, and Innovation, Jason oversees several advanced technology projects, including energy efficiency, anti-wear, nanotechnologies, ionic liquids, and vacuum tribology.

Jason is focused on keeping Nye’s R&D organization on the cutting edge to maintain its industry leadership for technically engineered lubricants. Jason received his BS in Electrical Engineering, MS in Mechanical Engineering, and Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics and Materials all from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and is completing his MBA from Northeastern with a double major in Innovation Management and Finance.