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Meet Nye - Tony Dotson
发布日期: 2019-07-18   浏览次数: 98 次

Tony Dotson is currently the Aerospace Industry Manager at Nye Lubricants, spearheading efforts out of the company’s North Carolina office. Tony has been an integral member of Nye for 15 years, finding lubrication solutions for our customers in industrial, semiconductor, vacuum, and cleanroom markets. Tony holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University and a Master of Science in Textile Technology from the Institute of Textile Technology. For this month’s ‘Meet Nye’ we sat down with Tony Dotson to ask him five questions about himself and his thoughts on the Space Industry:

How has the Space industry changed since you started at Nye?

It’s hard to believe 15 years has passed since joining Nye, and while that is not that long compared to Nye’s involvement in the Space industry (which dates back to the Mercury mission) I’ve been fortunate to be involved in the recent industry transformations. For example, when I came to Nye the Space Shuttle program was in full swing. I recall learning about a new Orion program back in 2008 at Aerospace Mechanism Symposium in Huntsville, AL, and by 2011 the Space Shuttle program had ended. This signaled a new era for the development of launch vehicles used for space travel and carrying payloads into space.

Simultaneously, there has been an exponential shift in technology advancements that utilize satellites for our everyday interconnectivity. These advances include our capabilities to forecast and track weather and environmental changes, our capability to communicate globally using a range of multi-media platforms, and advances around assisted and autonomous vehicles. All this change seems to have culminated into a 21st century space race, fueling the high rate of business growth and innovation amongst big legacy corporations and emerging companies alike.

What trends are dominating the Aerospace industry today?

In general, I’m seeing companies forming partnerships and alliances to achieve very lofty project goals with short time frames for completion. These partnerships include collaborative research and development (R&D) efforts, and cooperative efforts to utilize available resources, capabilities, and technologies. Some companies take a more vertical business approach, but also work with individual companies to take advantage of their core competencies. For Nye, this includes anything from high-tech R&D capabilities to efficient supply chain management.

Lubricants remain a critical component to the overall design solution. At Nye, we find ourselves involved in more partnerships and closer relationships with our customers, who are requiring more unique lubrication solutions for their ever-increasing design challenges. 

Space missions are getting longer and longer. What role do lubricants play in ensuring mission success?

Regardless of the challenges being presented in Space, to achieve longer life, faster speeds, and reach farther into space (with smaller, lighter, and lower cost designs), the importance of ensuring mission success remains a constant. Lubricants therefore, play an increasingly critical role in carrying the burden of ensuring the overall system’s design provides a successful mission.                

What set’s Nye apart from our competitors?

I believe Nye’s advantage is upheld with the company’s commitment to innovation and looking ahead to recognize the future needs of the Space Industry. This requires a significant and ongoing investment in R&D capabilities/facilities, laser-focused resources to support our customers, and our world class production facility which holds an array of quality certifications. This is all supported by Nye’s dedicated team members who bring this all together.

What is your favorite part about working for Nye? 

The first thing that comes to mind is that ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ working for an organization that is capable of tackling the most challenging lubricant projects on and off the planet!